Organic food event

July 12, 2019

The world’s appetite for organic food has become too big to be ignored. According to research, in 2014, organic food segment was worth some $80 billion. The biggest markets are Europe and the U.S.

Sales of organic foods in Thailand average growth at 7% during 2010 and 2014, well above the 5% growth rate of conventional foods, according to Green Net Cooperative, a Thai non- profit group. Clearly, Thais has been focusing more on healthy lifestyle and eating more organic foods.

However, organic foods are not cheap. Some organic produce can cost 15%-50% more than conventional foods. So why is it so expensive? Well not every plot of farm land can be converted to organic. To farm organic food, farmer need to qualify for certification, a field must be irrigated with water that tests free of pollutants. Cost which make organic produce costly to produce compare to conventional foods.

What to learn more about organic food in Thailand? Come join our partner event the “Organic Symposium” this weekend!

This event runs between 11 July to 14 July 2014 at IMPACT Exhibition Center Hall Bangkok.

The event is fill with knowledge sharing from organic expert, workshop and knowledge sharing between organic produce.