Tour booking

Can I change or transfer my booking?

Changes to your confirmed booking can be considered, depending on the availability of resources on that given dates, but additional costs associated to these changes will incur. We do not charge an amendment fee for doing so and will only charge according to the additional or alternative services, which are incurred or imposed, by any of our suppliers. A change of holiday dates will normally be treated as a cancellation of the original booking and rebooking in which case cancellation charges will apply. Changes may result in the recalculation of the holiday price where, for example, the basis on which the price of the original holiday was calculated has changed.

How do I know when my booking is confirmed?

Once we confirmed your booking with us, we will send you a request for a deposit of 10% of the total tour fee. Please carefully review your personal details accordingly. Once we received your deposit, we will send you a confirmation of payment via email.

Are there any additional costs for the tour?

There are no additional for the tour, unless the client requests additional services. Examples of possible additional costs to keep in mind are lunch cost, which we do not provide (Unless expressed).

What is the cancellation policy?

Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these cancellation charges (less any applicable excess) under the terms of your insurance policy. Claims must be made directly to the insurance company concerned. Where a part cancellation of a booking affects the basis on which the price was calculated, we will recalculate and re-invoice you accordingly.

The party leader must notify cancellation of bookings to us in writing or email at the earliest date. Your notice of cancellation will only take effect when we receive it in writing. The following cancellation charges will be payable.

Period before departure within with written notification of cancellation is received by us Cancellation charge per person cancelling (% of total tour cost)
12 weeks or more 10% of total tour price
12-6 weeks 25%
6 to 2 weeks 50%
2 weeks to date of departure or later 100%


Payment option?

Currently we offer the following methods:

1. Cash: on the tour date, we do accept cash payment

2. Visa:  Please note that for online payment we currently accept credit card payments through Visa via AsiaPay

3. PayPal: If you want to pay with PayPal, you will receive a payment link, with the extra 4% fee, so the amount will not match the amount on the invoice.

Do you send a confirmation of payment?

Yes we do. When we have registered payment in our booking system, it will automatically sent out an email confirming that we received the payment.


How do I get in touch with the guide on my tour date?

Please contact us by our email (info@mythaiday.com) and whatsapp (My Thai Day)

Pick up from accommodation?

Yes, in our entire tour package we will pick up our guess from designated accommodation. Please spear 30 minute before for your pick up time

Can I bring my toddler?

We do not recommend our guess to bring the toddler.

Are all vehicles air conditioned?

Yes, they are!

If I can not find the driver, who should I contact?

Please check that you are at designated location. Else, please contact us via our email or whatsapp

I have food allergy, can I inform any one?

Please advise us of any special requests prior to making your booking. Where possible, we will endeavor to meet or arrange for our suppliers to meet any such request. Please contact us via email (info@mythaiday.com) or whatsapp (My Thai Day).

What about tips?

If you wish to tip yours service crew, please tip in the tip box. As we will distribute your tip across all party that involve in your service. However, if wish to specifically tip individual please do so privately.

How can I book a private tour?

Yes, we do provide private tour. Please contact us via our email (info@mythaiday.com) and whatsapp (My Thai Day)

How many people will be on my tour?

We keep out group sizes small. This means we’re small enough to remain flexible as we thread our way through communities without intimidating the locals. Most of our trips you’ll be part of an intimate group of 8-10 people.

I’m travelling alone – is that OK?

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of My Thai Day, many of our travelers join us because they are travelling solo and want to meet and share experiences with like-minded people, it is one of the best way to travel!!!