Agriculture the backbone of Thai economy and society

June 21, 2019

Agriculture has long been the mainstay of the Thai economy, and the majority of the Thai population engages in agricultural practices. The type of agriculture engaged in varied from region to region and within regions. Despite the landscape differences, rice cultivation remains as the main crop for the country.

Rice has always sustained people in Thailand and formed a close bond with their way of life for over 5,000 years. It not only feds people throughout the land but also plays a very significant role in the history, culture, society and economy of Thai nation Much of the steady economic growth in Thailand was due to the steady expansion of the agricultural sector. This sector provided adequate food for the rapidly growing domestic population and substantial surpluses for export.

The late King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s “sufficiency economy philosophy (SEP)” is a guide towards taking a middle path, whereby families, communities, regions, and the nation make decisions based on positive outcomes and developments. The philosophy was developed to try and improve conditions for impoverished farmers in Thailand’s rural areas. The Royal Project Foundation (RPF) is a Thai non-profit organization initiated by the late King, aim to encourage sustainable farming and educating those in the farming industry. Today, there are over 23,000 projects across the country to continue his teaching.